Do you have any idea WHAT IS IN the freezer?

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It’s time to fess up, do you know what is in your freezer? The chances are that if you shop and eat at home regularly, you have a pretty good idea, but even in those cases, food can get crammed behind other items, expire and go to waste. If you have a deep freezer for extra food storage, it is even more likely you have lost track of what is in there. Erin, the author of Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry lifestyle blog, had this happen to her, and as a result, she posted an article about it and what she did to maintain better organization for the future. Check out Erin's article if you require information on cleaning your freezer and what cleaning products to use. She also provides information on how to organize your freezer so that you will be able to find what you need in the future, and won’t have to go cleaning it out again.

When it comes to cleaning your freezer, first you will need to remove all the items, find out what to keep and what to throw away. It helps if you have the items in the original packaging so that you can see the original expiry dates. You technically don’t have to throw raw frozen meat out after the expiry date, since it is considered safe to keep that meat in the freezer for up to a year after. The expiry date will help you determine that exact time frame, though. If you have frozen cooked meat in the freezer, that should be tossed out after three months. After cleaning out your freezer, you should ensure there is proper labeling on the items you will be keeping and anything new you plan on adding there. Once meat is frozen, it is sometimes difficult to tell what it is, and proper labeling and dating can prevent confusion later.

Freezer cleaning is among the house cleaning tips that get neglected, but now that you have your freezer in the process of being organized, you can turn your attention to that too. When choosing a household cleaner, consider opting for non toxic cleaners, especially since your freezer is where food is stored. Natural baking soda is an excellent choice because it can freshen up the smell of the freezer and remove stains. For sanitizing action, consider wiping down the freezer with some vinegar, too. Choose cleaning vinegar rather than your more expensive cooking vinegar, because it will have a higher acidity level and sanitize better. Alternatively, baking soda and water will work wonders in a pinch.

For more detailed information and photos of cleaning a freezer, check out Erin’s article on her website. In addition to her cleaning solutions, she also identifies how she will prevent confusion later on by labeling all the items, and how she decided to keep a list of everything in her freezer in order to keep track of it. Thank you to Erin, the author of Lemons, Lavender, and Lifestyle blog, for sharing her information on cleaning out a freezer.

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