Do you like the inside of this beautiful Cedar Loft ?

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This gorgeous cedar loft mobile home has an immense amount of charm and space. It is also very affordable at just under $47,000. This mini house is surprising because it includes everything necessary for living, such as a kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. There is even an upper loft area which you could use for sleeping, storage or another living area. If you are on your way to buying a home, but it’s a challenge to save the money for a down payment, small houses on wheels are a tremendous option for placement on your purchased or rented property. They are completely functional for small families because they include everything needed. The company that makes this mobile home, known as Instant Mobile House, will even sell you the customized furniture placed inside the home in the photos. This cedar loft has plenty of windows to let in natural light. Even though the home may seem small, the area is spacious and perfectly livable, due to the open rooms and windows.

Instant Mobile House is a company located in San Diego, Phoenix, and Texas. If desired, you can travel to their showroom in San Diego to view their model homes which are available for immediate purchase. Alternatively, you could order a home to be made in their Phoenix or Texas plants. This option wouldn’t cost any more than buying the model home outright, and therefore, is an affordable option. Instant Mobile House also has the means to deliver the mobile home to your land for placement. They have trailers that can carry the mobile homes across the country with ease.

The best part about Instant Mobile House’s homes and in particular, this cedar loft, is that they are so affordable for what you get. A typical tiny house cost can vary, but many people will find it difficult to argue with the $46,980 price of this particular mobile home. Especially when you consider that there is a twenty-five-year warranty on the model and that they are built to withstand different kinds of weather. This mini house has a cement exterior which will prevent burning, won’t warp or rot, and is impervious to termites. If you desire to buy a home, but don’t have a lot of money to spend, this charming mobile home could be a great option because of its smart design to withstand damage from weather and pests.

With all the benefits of Instant Mobile House’s cute loft, it’s hard to see why you shouldn’t make their small houses on wheels your next home. The green roof and wooden-panelled exterior make this cedar loft a charming addition to any lakeside property or wooded area. If you already have a home, you could purchase one of these and place it in cottage country as a vacation home. Check out Instant Mobile House’s website for detailed photos and information on their adorable homes. There are several designs to choose from, including ones with even more space. You won’t regret checking them out in your mission to buy a home.

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