Do You Need to Dimple Your Burgers?

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

Dimpling your burgers? Huh? This is certainly a new concept for me, but the fact that I love a good summer backyard barbecue means that I had to check out this post and see if I am doing my burgers all wrong!

So you know how sometimes when you make a homemade hand rolled burger and you get to cooking it, it gets all fat and thick and almost unbiteable?! Then on top of that, you decide that you want a nice thick bun, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon, cheese, ketchup and all the other fixins! By the time the burger is done, there is little chance of biting into it without a gigantic mess of ingredients toppling onto your plate. Well this method of dimpling is all about that phenomenon. It is a common belief with some chefs that you need to 'dimple' your burgers in order for them to stay flat, rather than getting all fat in the middle. What happens during cooking is related to the protein contracting and bulging in the center.

One method that is common to help stop this process from happening is the 'shallow indentation' method which means making a shallow section in the center of the burger to avoid this. Other chefs are more of a fan of the 'dimpling' method which uses a knife to create the dimples.

So which method is best? There is nothing like trial and error in your own kitchen to test these kinds of theories, and lucky for us the chefs at the Kitchn have done this for us and arranged some excellent and helpful photographs to teach us their methods and what really seems to work the best. So, head on over to the website link below to the 'Kitchn' for the how to's and see for yourself the best way to keep your burger flat.

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