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For my log homes - What choices do I have for window installation?Selecting windows for a replacement windows project is one of the most important decisions you will make. Choosing log home replacement windows not only affect your log home’s looks, but they will also play a major role in the log home's energy efficiency. Log home replacement projects are more popular than ever with the tax credits that are given when undertaking this type of log home renovation. You will want to know the window replacement requirements that have to be eligible for any of the tax credits. One of the most important tax credit requirements is that the log home replacement windows must meet the Energy Star program requirements. With a replacement project, you are going to hear different words like the U-factor and R-Value of windows. Contractors will use these terms when discussing insulating materials. They are a measurement of the windows insulating quality with the lower the number being the better. Some areas will have certain requirements, you contractor should be familiar with these.

Regardless of the place where you buy your windows, there will be some major decisions you'll need to make. Currently, there are four main types of windows on the market, and all have pros and cons. First off, there are wood frame replacement windows that do not conduct heat well, which is good news, because what this means is that when you pay to heat your log cabin or log home, the heat will stay on the inside. Some of the cons of wood replacement windows are that there can often be issues with swelling, shrinking, warping, and sometimes water damage or rot. Wood replacement windows are typically the most expensive to buy. Then you have clad-wood frame replacement windows. These replacement windows have a regular wood frame that is covered by an exterior layer of a weather resistant material, which is typically vinyl or aluminum. Clad-wood is an excellent choice, as they last a longtime and have a very low thermal conductivity. The down side to wood clad replacement windows are that they are more expensive than other replacement windows. Next on the list of replacement windows is aluminum frame windows. These replacement windows have a greater durability than just plain wood. They also weigh less, are easier to work with, and are thinner in thickness. The good thing is that aluminum replacement windows are very inexpensive and very tough. They do transfer heat out of your home at a high rate unless the windows have a thermal break. Lastly, there are vinyl clad replacement windows. These replacement windows are currently the most popular choice. The quality of these replacement windows may vary, but with the right vinyl frame window, they can be a smart purchase. These replacement windows do not conduct heat the same that aluminum frames do, and they also do not have the maintenance problems that wood frames have. These log home replacement windows are less expensive to buy than clad wood widow frames.

People often ask if there are log home replacement windows that won't have condensation. The answer to that question is no. If you are finding a problem in your log home, it is most likely due to temperature ranges and humidity levels. Condensation on the exterior of a log home window means that there is a contrast between the temperatures of interior and exterior panes that occurred quickly, and it will evaporate on its own. This is a more common problem in the spring and fall.

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