Doritos Nacho Chicken

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Can you guess what a Doritos nacho chicken recipe is made out of? If you guessed, Doritos, you are correct. The spicy little chip has been around a very long time, since the mid-1960s. It was the first Spanish Mexican chip to be sold right across the United States, and not long after around the world. The word, Doritos, is a bit of a play on the original term, doriadito, and a word that translates as, golden, or brown. And the chip is owned, in a somewhat convoluted way, by the Pepsi Cola company. It has been amazingly successful and is one of the top selling corn chips in the United States. And its story all began with a few extra tortillas that one energetic cook decided to fry up and season. Thus, the Doritos, was born. And it has never looked back.

Today, there are hundreds (probably many thousands) of nacho recipes that call for this spicy little chip, far beyond this Doritos nacho chicken recipe. That is because the chip has a nice heat and rich flavor that makes it a great addition to many different nacho recipes even including sweet desserts. There is even a Doritos cake recipe! Doritos in a cake if you can imagine that! Of course, today, with our more sophisticated palettes, we explore all kinds of taste combinations, so a Doritos cake recipe might not be quite as extreme as we first think. It is, after all, a great salty flavor, that could complement the right combination of sweetness just right.

In any event, it is that same chip that makes this Doritos Nacho Chicken recipe for you today, and it is super simple. Get the little helping hands in on this one. Although they will probably eat more Doritos than they help you spread on the chicken, it might be fun for them to crush Doritos (while you do the job right in the food processor; really, for them to hand crush the Doritos is more of a diversionary tactic than anything) but you may be able to still use their contribution to make these spicy chicken bits. A little mayonnaise and a few other ingredients get blended and spread on the chicken, then they get rolled in the crushed Doritos (little hands could do this, with help) and baked. Serve this chicken with your favorite cooling dip because the chips will give the chicken a bit of bite. Serve this Doritos Nacho Chicken recipe anytime you want a dish that is crunchy and hot (and quick and cheap). It does not take long to put these together and pop them in the oven to bake. And who does not absolutely love hot and spicy chicken?

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