Double Chocolate Banana Bread

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This combination of ingredients will produce a lovely double chocolate Banana bread that will make a terrific dessert or snack for you and your family. The flavors of chocolate and banana create a wonderfully mellow and smooth taste, with each flavor underscoring and enhancing the other. In this recipe, multiple levels of chocolate are incorporated to ensure an infusion of chocolate throughout the dessert and in every bite that you eat.

This recipe uses some ingredients that may be less familiar to you. First, it calls for unsalted butter. You do not have to use unsalted butter, and for the most part, this butter is more expensive. However, there is a substantial flavor difference in the result. Unsalted butter makes a creamy contribution to the dessert. Another somewhat unusual ingredient is the dark cocoa. This type of cocoa is becoming more readily available. Again, though, you do not have to choose this particular cocoa, and any cocoa could be substituted. However, like the unsalted butter, using this cocoa gives the bread its wonderful dark color (which is really sexy) and depth of flavor. Still, in a pinch, you could use your usual cocoa.

This recipe makes its name because it uses some slightly different ingredients that result in a unique and delicious loaf. It is not absolutely necessary to use them, and using what is available in your cupboard will yield a dessert that is entirely enjoyable. For a new twist on an old flavor favorite, though, bump it up with unsalted butter and the dark cocoa. This is a wonderful dessert after dinner or snack that you sit out for your family to enjoy. Given the benefits of chocolate and banana and that it is made with homemade ingredients like love and care, you can be happy to see your family gobble up this goodness. Enjoy!

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