Double Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

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Try this three part recipe to make Double Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Wet Walnuts. This recipe is quite spectacular so save it for a special meal with friends, family, or perhaps a special family occasion like a birthday or anniversary where you want to serve something extraordinary. This dessert will certainly fill the bill. The cheesecake is a chocolate one baked on a chocolate base (thus the double in the recipe title). So chocolate lovers will delight in that aspect of the dish. But the recipe does not stop there. It adds a salted caramel sauce to walnuts that are then spooned on top of the cake, or added later when you serve the cheesecake.

This dish is lovely. The wildly sweet cheesecake and base layer will be perfectly offset by the salted caramel. If you like, make the salted caramel from scratch. After all the effort to make the rest of the cake by hand, it seems it might be worth the little extra effort to also make the salted caramel that way. It will produce a far superior result than any commercial product, you can be sure of that.

This is a standard cheesecake recipe that offers few surprises in the baking of it. The base is a nice combination that includes cocoa, graham wafers, butter and a bit of flour. The filling is wonderfully loaded with two different kinds of chocolate in the creamy filling and that ensures it will be rich with chocolate. As well, pure cream is used here, so the cheesecake will be very creamy. Try this dessert before you make it for a very special occasion so you know how to bring it together quickly and easily. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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