Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Cookies

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Just in case a single dose of chocolate is not enough for you, try this recipe for Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Cookies, and see if they hit the spot. This is a yummy recipe that is very sweet. A chocolate cookie recipe, made entirely from scratch is then wrapped around a mini peanut butter cup. Voila! A second chocolate plus peanut butter in one fell swoop! And Yum. Still, they will be sweet (so think about serving them with a scoop of ice cream).

This recipe begins with a home made cookie that is full of chocolate, two different kinds! So this will be a rich cookie. The dough is then shaped around a milk chocolate cup. Then once this decadent cookie baked, you bite in to more chocolate in the middle. That is one terrific way to make a yummy treat. It is hard to argue that the recipe is not sugar loaded. Still, some times it is okay to treat yourself. And the advantage of cookies is that you can manage consumption—one cookie, each, kids! (Okay, may be two, or three . . . but that is it).

Enjoy these cookies, and consider making them with the kids. You could prepare the cookie dough, and then with the kids, put the cups in to the middle and shape them for baking. Be sure, if you are using little helping hands (or big ones), that you have plenty of extra chocolate cups (they tend to disappear for some reason). This will provide plenty of fun for the kids, teach them a little bit about baking, and give every one a great time, not to mention delicious cookies to eat in the afternoon. Try this recipe soon. It will stay on your baking radar forever.

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