Double Chocolate Red Velvet Chess Bars

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Try this Double Chocolate Red Velvet Chess Bars recipe, and enjoy a rich and filling dessert with your family for dinner tonight. This red velvet bars recipe starts with a commercial mix, so it is super easy to make and even the up and coming baker could put it together for you and the rest of the family. So open up the kitchen to your aspiring baker and let him or her do the baking today while you kick up your heels and read your favorite book. This recipe is dead easy.

This Double Chocolate Red Velvet Chess Bars recipe is simple to make and quick and easy because of the commercial mix that forms the basis for this dessert. You add lots of extras, like the additional chocolate, to make the cake taste super home made and delicious, of course. Still, starting with a commercial mix makes things easier for new bakers to manage the process. It has become a very popular method to take commercial mixtures and bump them up with the addition of made from scratch ingredients. Often the commercial mixture is made up as a drier blend that forms a sort of cookie like base. That base gets pressed in to your cake pan, and then another blend of filling or other ingredients gets poured on top. That is the method that is used for this cake. While the cake bakes, the ingredients blend, but not fully, and so you end up with a layered and textured result once the cake recipe is done. It is quite an interesting take on squares, really, and is a quick and fun way to change up a cake recipe.

This recipe has lots of chocolate, from the commercial red velvet mix and then added as a filling in to this recipe. The cream cheese ensures that the cake will be plenty moist, and the eggs that are added mean lots of lightness and plenty of flavor in this cake recipe. It is an easy recipe to make, and so new bakers and cooks can likely handle this one on their own, or with just a bit of help at the oven and so on. When this cake is done, it will still jiggle slightly in the middle. That only means you must let it sit until it is completely cooled before you serve it. No frosting comes with this recipe, but the recipe blogger, Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen, recommends that you serve this dessert with whipped cream. It is hard to go wrong with fresh whipped cream anywhere that you use it. So be sure to whip the cream from scratch and not use commercial topping. Enjoy this soon.

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