Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

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This easy zucchini recipe is a great way to use up all that zucchini you might have from the garden. And who can resist a recipe with chocolate? This double chocolate zucchini bread recipe is so good you might want to double up the recipe. And this zucchini oven baked bread recipe freezes well so you can make some extra. This double chocolate zucchini bread also serves well with some ice cream on top. Some of the ingredients you will need for this easy zucchini recipe include shredded zucchini, natural unsweetened cocoa, softened butter, sour cream and buttermilk. The easy glaze recipe is the perfect addition to this easy zucchini recipe and uses the simple ingredients of powdered sugar, milk and vanilla extra. For the full step by step instructions, you will want to take a look at The Southern Lady Cooks.

This is just one of the easy zucchini recipes you might try; zucchini works in both dessert recipes and oven baked bread. Zucchini belongs to the species of Cucurbita pepo which also includes pumpkins and cucumbers. Zucchini is also known as courgette in French while the British call zucchini vegetable marrow. The skin color of zucchini can vary from light to dark green. Zucchini is best eaten before the skin becomes tough and the seeds grow large. Zucchini has plenty of health benefits, to include being good for the heart. Because zucchini contains good amounts of potassium that may help to reduce blood pressure. Zucchini also contains moderate levels of folate that help break down amino acids like homocysteine that can cause heart attacks and strokes. The good amount of magnesium found in zucchini may help to keep your blood pressure at a normal rate, and the heart beating at a steady rhythm. Zucchini may also help in weight loss. This is because zucchini has incredibly low calories that make it a good part of any weight loss diet. Substituting calorie-rich foods with sizable portions of zucchini can help you in reducing the number of calories that are taken in. Consuming zucchini also makes it easier to burn off calories, thereby helping you lose weight.

Adding natural unsweetened cocoa to dessert recipes can also offer health benefits. Many people crave chocolate and avoid it because they think that it is fattening and unhealthy. Although a lot of chocolate products are unhealthy and calories dense because of all the sugar that is added, cocoa itself is healthy. In fact, natural cocoa powder, which comes from the cocoa bean, is very nutritious and can provide several health benefits. A two tablespoon serving of cocoa contains only 25 calories and 1.5 g of fat. Cocoa powder also has a good amount of fiber, iron and magnesium. Cocoa powder may also provide antidepressant benefits. This is because cocoa contains the substance of phenethylamine, which is a neurotransmitter that is found in the brain that acts as a mood elevator and natural antidepressant. Cocoa also contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are a part of the powerful group of antioxidants that are known as polyphenols, and cocoa is one of the highest polyphenol-containing foods. Also, hot cocoa contains more antioxidants per serving than that of red wine or tea. Drinking cocoa may also help to fight cancer, aging, and heart disease through its antioxidant boosting effect.

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