Double Fudge Caramel Poke Cake

Photo Credit: A Southern Girl

Sometimes you just need a night of decadent indulgence and that is just what you get with this Double Fudge Caramel Poke Cake. Close your eyes, buy the ingredients, and make up this cake. Then let your family go to town and enjoy this sweet extravagance. After all, life is short. Sometimes you have to let go and just enjoy the ride. For this dish, since it uses all commercial ingredients, buy the best quality, and even consider organic sources. Better brand names and organic sources seem to add less filler and more of the real deal and so your results will be better, too.

This dessert is fun and easy to make so new bakers can be given a chance to try their hand at making it. It is inexpensive, too, even with the commercial purchases. This cake will make enough for a dozen or so people because the cake is so rich you will want to slice the pieces a bit smaller than usual. Consider serving this cake while it is still warm and with some ice cream on the side (to cut the sweet, right?). Everyone will enjoy this very sweet and lovely double fudge caramel poke cake. Throw caution to the winds and make this for a Friday night when everyone is at home enjoying your favorite family videos.

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