Double The Chocolate Banana Bread

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There are so many wonderful things to recommend about this Double The Chocolate Banana Bread that the lavish amounts of chocolate seem to hardly even be one of them. This is a great recipe and using the right combination of suggested alternative ingredients you can make this bread (cake, really) fabulously tempting and delicious to eat, but also chock full of goodness.

This cake blends banana and chocolate, two naturally complementary flavors. Bananas really become accentuated in cooking and rise to balance the richness of chocolate. Be sure you use bananas that are fully ripe, have blackened, and are about to go. These will give the best flavor and texture to your cake. And you can freeze bananas that are fully ripe, too. Just peel and chop and pop them in to a zip lock. They easily keep for at least one month this way. Then just thaw and use in your favorite bread or cake recipe. The chocolate used in this cake is plenty of cocoa. That flavor is underscored by the addition of coffee, a great way to improve chocolate’s flavor. Here, you could also substitute one or two tablespoons of black cocoa in to the regular cocoa that is called for. This substitution will give the cake or bread fabulous color (nearly black) and fantastic flavor. As well, use the whole wheat flour that is suggested in this recipe. Its stronger and more robust flavor is needed against the strength of chocolate and coffee and the walnuts, which are called for.

Walnuts have a robust flavor and a slightly bitter finish. This taste perfectly complements the smooth flavors of banana and chocolate. Chocolate chips round off this cake. For all the chocolate chips called for, consider using 70 percent dark chocolate chips, purchased in the organic section. That will make this cake absolute perfection. Keep this recipe on hand, and try it soon.

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