Double Trouble Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

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Pastry baking is an art form. Yes there are recipes involved but to follow and lovingly prepare most recipes there is a certain artistic flair we all need. This easy and delicious recipe from Trish is also a great addition to your fun recipes for kids file. Getting your children involved in cooking is a great way to bond and might inspire the next master chef. When you think of all the pastry baking professionals out there it is not hard to find many great recipes like this one to try and give your diners something new.

Usually the terms easy and delicious desserts are not heard in the same sentence since being easy does not always make us believe something can be delicious. Well rest assured that there are many easy recipes that are also actually quite decadent and unique dishes. This recipe from Trish is also a great inclusion to fun recipes for kids that will get them involved and will keep them close to you so you can keep an eye on them while making a great dessert. Recipes should always be fun to make and if they become too difficult to produce then all the fun is taken out and then it becomes a job and not a special thing.

Cookies have been baked and enjoyed buy us for millennia. The sugary treat can always be counted on to get a smile from the ones eating them. What started out as sweet breads have evolved into tiny treats that can include fruit, candy bars, chocolate chips and many other ingredients too many to list. That is the beauty of cookie recipes. There are so many and they can now even be made flourless for people with allergies to flour. You can also get gluten free, peanut free and many others that allow everyone no matter your allergy or love or hate for any specific ingredient. Cookies are made to be tiny rewards for a child’s good behavior or just to reward yourself after a long day.

The next time you are thinking of making cookies and need a new recipe to try then this one will make you happy with the small cooking and prepping window and the fact that peanut butter is included in the mix. You can always substitute the peanut butter for any ingredient you and your diners love most. The beauty of recipes is in the availability of changing them up to suit your own specific health or taste needs. Baking is a great way to experiment with flavors and the more the merrier. Trish has given us another opportunity to stretch our creative mind and if you have little ones in the equation it is a great chance to get them involved as well. Thanks to Trish of Mom On Timeout Blog for this yummy Double Trouble Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipes that is another way for you to get that inner child satisfied for another cookie from the cookie jar. Bon apetit.

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