Doughnut Casserole Cake

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First, go to this site just to see how sweet and pretty in pink it is. That is worth a visit in itself. Then go and learn how to make doughnut casserole cake, a simple dessert that will make your family love you to death. It is a quick, easy and straightforward recipe that simplifies everything by using purchased doughnut holes as the base for the dessert.

So this recipe starts with doughnuts, or rather, doughnut holes. I know most of us are already groaning at the thought of all those calories, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. And if you look at this dessert creator, Danielle, whose picture is on her site, you can clearly see that you can make and eat this dessert and remain slim and fantastic looking! So roll up your sleeves and lets make this one for our own families tonight.

Doughnuts have a long and interesting history. Although Krispy Kremes are famous in the USA today and Tim Hortons is equally popular in Canada, doughnuts probably originated in Holland, where they were known as oily cakes. True story.

As the story goes along through history, the contemporary American version and name may have been created by a Mrs. Gregory, mother to a ships captain making his way across the Atlantic to the New World. Anxious to be sure that he ate well and avoided scurvy, Mrs. Gregory filled a bit of round dough with lemon and nuts in the middle of it where it probably wouldnt cook through at any rate. Thus the name today: dough nut.

Is the story true? Does it matter? What a fun tale to share with your family and friends over this scrumpdillyicious dessert. By the way, it completes itself by being smothered and baked in a sweet sauce. Yum.

Another kind of doughnut, beignets, is popular in Louisiana. These deep fried pieces of deliciousness are served with chicory coffee, another deeply southern drink everyone should try. At the famous Caf du Monde in New Orleans the beignets come smothered deep in icing sugar. There is nothing so satisfying as eating beignets and listening to a local street musician and smothered in icing sugar.

However you eat them, try this recipe. It has only a few ingredients you keep at home, and will have your family singing the blues and licking their fingers.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Hugs and Cookies XOXO, by following the link below.

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