Doughnut Cheesecake Bars

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Uh-oh, doughnuts plus cheesecake in a convenient to eat bar? Doughnut cheesecake bars may be the best invention, ever. These are the prettiest creations you may ever make, and to get fabulous results does not take a lot of time or extra effort.Danielle, the blogger and creator of this amazing dessert, is a mom with two boys to chase after every day, so you know she’s not spending finicky hours on making pretty cakes or cookies. Yet these ones are spectacular. Danielle knows how to put together pre-packaged ingredients with home made spin to end up with a dish you know will not only be delicious to eat, but also beautiful to look at. And this dish is no exception.

This dessert is easy to make with little helping hands. It does use mini-doughnuts or doughnut holes, so you may find yourself held ransom to pay your help in kind, possibly before, during and while making this great cheesecake. So buy plenty! You can choose any assortment of flavors to use, glazed or not, or just choose the one the family prefers most! Whatever you like.This cake also contains a graham crust, which requires a few minutes to bake and cool. The rest of the ingredients are poured and placed on top of the crust, then returned to the oven to finish cooking. One of the great things about this cake is that it can be made in a regular rectangular pan. Be sure to slice and remove pieces to show off the middle of this cake. You will love how it looks, and family and friends are sure to be impressed.You can feel good about the cheese that is in this cake, and that your kids are getting some dairy and protein along with a pleasant snack. Sometimes that is what it takes to get your kids to eat anything!This dish is sure to please everyone. It is a nice sweet and rich combination and has a complementary doughnut and cheesecake texture. Every bite is a great blend of multiple flavors and textures that will keep you and your family coming back for more. This cake tastes best with a few hours to cool and chill, once it comes out of the oven.

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