Dream A Little Log House Dream

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Dream a little log house dream with the Little Log House Company. Small log homes have such appeal and charm, which is why it's no wonder so many people choose to build a log house to live in for the rest of their lives. The Little Log House Company can help those who dream of having a log house to build the home they've been imagining and envisioning. The log home builders and designers from the company employ traditional log home building methods that have been used for centuries all around the world. The practices have been passed down throughout the generations of log home builders and continue to provide us with the strongest, most durable homes ever. The company creates semi-round logs to use in the small log homes they create, like the Gate Lodge you see here. You can see how large the logs they work with are, and how each one fits perfectly in place so that there aren't any cracks between logs. All of the work is done by hand which means you get that natural, rustic look instead of the manufactured look that can come with prefab log houses. When you choose a log home building company like this, you know you're getting an authentic log home building experience.

The design of the small log house is so lovely, with a little gate around the front patio area, making a little deck space to enjoy. There's also a balcony off the upstairs bedroom with a little bit of space to sit out. The little details like the carved pieces of wood on the doors and around the windows add so much charm and personality to the log house. Even the roof edging has a scalloped effect on it. This little log house definitely looks like a traditional European style log home as you would see in Sweden or Switzerland. A very simple design without all of the large windows like some of the newer log home designs. These log houses look very energy efficient, and they would be able to keep in a lot of heat due to the size of the logs and the fact that there aren't a lot of openings to let air in and out of. T

The interior of the home has just as much charm as the exterior. There is a lot of wood in the home, but it doesn't look dark because the wood is quite light in colour, and the windows have been perfectly placed to allow for optimum natural light. The natural wood lap ceiling panels, the wood floors, and the wood cabinetry create such a nice look for the interior of the home. You would definitely feel embraced by nature in a home like this one. The decor has been kept quite minimal which shows how great the interior looks just on it's own with a few hints of colour. The stair case to the loft is quite impressive and features iron rail posts all the way up, with real, solid wood stairs to form the staircase. The small bathroom upstairs has a nice shower, and would probably feel somewhat like a sauna when there was enough steam generated from the shower because of the wooden siding on the walls.

Small log homes like this one are a great option to build if people are on a budget but want a log home or cabin. The Little Log House Company also builds larger log houses, and while they have pre-made plans, they can also do custom work as well. Enjoy having a look at their beautiful work.***

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