Drumstick Layered Dessert

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style

We all remember the Drumstick, don’t we? Now the website, Melissa’s Southern Kitchen Style, recreates that fabulous flavor with this drumstick layered dessert. This recipe is fantastic, decadent, and sure to please every one. Everything is made from scratch, so you know you will get pure and rich flavor in every bite. The up side of that is that, besides being super delicious, this treat will also fill you more quickly, so make servings small. Of course, the down side is that people will want seconds and thirds and . . . so make sure you make lots.

This is an entirely indulgent dessert, snack or treat, and there is just no other way to treat it. It doesn’t matter, though. When that is what you are going to serve, this is the kind of dessert you should serve. It has plenty of good stuff in it—even the cream is full of calcium and protein—along with the sugar and perhaps less than optimum indulgences that we all so love. So what? Make it any way. Make it when there is a gang you want to please, and everyone wants to eat something wonderful and delicious. It is always great to have one person who goes the extra step and makes a culinary delight like this one. Why shouldn’t it be you?

Enjoy this dessert from time to time when your family needs something sweet and cold. It will serve up just as well in the winter as the summer, and make no mistake, this is a robust treat. Enjoy it, indulge in it, (but just once in a while). This website has many recipes that are absolutely fantastic, and usually made right from scratch in terrific southern style. Check it out.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Melissa's Southern Kitchen Style, by following the link below.

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