Drunken Beans

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This drunken bean recipe is an excellent replacement to other bean dishes like baked beans because they contain the complex taste of beer and the savouriness of bacon. A fresh jalapeno gives these beans some heat without making them overly spicy. Karly, the author of Buns In My Oven recipe blog, came up with this bean recipe when doing recipe development for Hurst’s Beans. Hurst’s Beans is a brand of dry beans that comes with packets of ham flavouring. Karly uses the ham flavouring in her drunken bean recipe, which adds some savoury seasoning and salt to the dish. The best part about this dinner recipe is that it makes a lot, making it ideal for meals for large families. Dried beans are cheap, too, which makes this dish a perfect addition to your low budget family meals roster.

If you are looking for low budget healthy meals, this dinner recipe is an ideal option. Dried beans are reasonably priced and go far to feeding several people. They also have a tremendous amount of nutrition, one of the most important being fibre. In daily life, it is often difficult to get the proper amount of fibre per day, and low fibre diets are linked to a wealth of digestive issues and colon cancer. Ensuring you incorporate several portions of high fibre beans, lentils, grains, fruits and vegetables into your diet every day will prevent these issues from occurring. This savoury beans recipe also includes very little meat, including just six bacon slices to flavour the entire dish. Of course, if you are looking for vegetarian food, you can still enjoy this bean dish by omitting the bacon and ham flavouring, and the beans would still taste very delicious. Alternatively, adding some dried mushrooms to the beans by steeping them in boiling water, and stirring them into the beans along with the water. The mushrooms will add a meaty umami quality to the bean recipe, and you won’t miss the meat.

This bean dish uses dried beans, which have to be soaked overnight and then simmered for over an hour until soft. If you want to make this cooking recipe a weeknight dinner option, you can substitute with drained and rinsed canned pinto beans instead. Draining and rinsing the canned beans helps eliminate the outside starches which can be unappetizing in a dish, and also removed a large amount of the sodium that is in canned beans. This bean recipe won’t require nearly as long to cook on the stove since the beans won’t require real cooking. It is always best to simmer them for at least thirty to forty minutes, though, because that will eliminate the tin taste that comes from the can. You will also want to cut the cooking liquid in half since the beans are already cooked, and therefore, won’t soak up the same amount as the dried beans would.

Thank you, Karly, the author of Buns In My Oven recipe blog, for sharing her drunken beans recipe with us.

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