Drunken Cherries

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This drunken cherries recipe is an idea you can have some fun with. This easy drink recipe idea soaks maraschino cherries in alcohol, and then the cherries are dipped in chocolate. This dessert recipe for adults is the perfect easy treat. It's important to remember that this drunken cherries recipe is not for children as they contain alcohol. You might make this drunken cherries recipe for a Christmas or a New Year’s Eve party. This drunken cherries recipe uses amaretto rather than fireball; you could also use vodka, vanilla, whipped cream, or cake would also be amazing. To make simply pour out the cherry juice in the maraschino cherry jar and save the liquid for Shirley Temple drink recipes and then pour the alcohol of your choice in. Chill the cherries for at least 24 hours the longer you chill the cherries, the more flavor they absorb. Once the cherries are done soaking, you can drain them again; you can reserve the liquid for cocktails and then pat the cherries dry. This is a key to getting the chocolate to set properly; you want to drain them well and then pat the cherries down gently with paper towels. Any liquid left on the cherries can seize your chocolate, so it's important to do this step. For the full step by step tutorial for this fun food to make you will want to take a look at the Crazy for Crust recipe site.

The following are just some of the dipping tips for this drunken cherries drink and dessert recipe. It is recommended that you use almond bark or Candiquik instead of white chocolate chips. These are made for dipping and can withstand the liquid better. It is also recommended that you work in two batches with about two ounces of candy at a time for melting and for the dipping in case your chocolate seizes in between. You might melt the candy in disposable Dixie bowls, as they are microwave safe, and you can also throw them away after, which makes for easy cleanup. Once you dip the drunken cherries into the chocolate, you can then dip them in sprinkles too. They look so nice, again make sure to store them away from where the kids might get into them. For this drunken cherries recipe, you will need maraschino cherries, alcohol of choice amaretto, vodka any flavor such as vanilla or cake would work, fireball, and more, white chocolate, and sprinkles. You can store these drunken cherries in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Amaretto is a sweet liqueur that is usually served as a before-dinner or after-dinner drink, straight up or as a flavoring for dessert recipes. A single ounce serving of amaretto has 110 calories, with 17 grams of carbohydrates, three grams of sugar and no fat, fiber, protein, cholesterol or sodium. Because amaretto has so few minerals and vitamins and no ingredients that are particularly filling, this drink is looked at as empty calories, along with that of many other alcoholic drinks. Amaretto's percent of alcohol by volume differs depending on the brand of amaretto. Common brands of amaretto have a range of between 24 percent to 28 percent or 48 to 56 proof. Alcoholic drinks such as amaretto have specific health effects on the body, that can be both short and long-term. Not all types of amaretto are made in the same way nor do they have the same ingredients. Apricot pits are used as common bases, but some brands of amaretto use almond paste or almond extract instead, and some brands of amaretto have more added sugar and higher alcohol contents.

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