Dutch Baby Recipe

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This German pancake recipe, which is commonly known as a Dutch Baby, takes only a few minutes to prepare and will melt in your mouth. You can serve this pancake recipe with fresh fruit, whipped cream or maple syrup. This pancake recipe is breakfast at its easiest. A Dutch Baby pancake has to be the easiest breakfast recipe you'll find. All it takes is five minutes prep time, then 20 minutes for baking, then it’s time to eat. If you’ve never had a Dutch baby pancake before, you’ve missed out. It’s light and airy, like a souffle. The addition of cinnamon and vanilla in the batter make this pancake recipe shine. The recipe is not overly sweet, as you use only the sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top for a sweetener. All that butter in the pancake recipe creates the most delectable crust. The ingredients you will need for this Dutch Baby pancake recipe include eggs, milk, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, cinnamon, salt and butter. The topping for this pancake recipe includes cinnamon and sugar.

Dutch baby pancake recipes are like a hybrid of a pancake, a crepe, and a popover, all made in one giant skillet. Dutch Baby pancakes are great for the breakfast crowd. This is a pancake recipe you can try whenever you have guests stay over, or when you want something a bit special. To make you want to start with a thin, pancake-like batter and a hot skillet. Pour the pancake batter into the skillet all at once and then slide it into a hot oven. Within a few minutes, the pancake batter will start to puff around the edges, rising higher and higher until the pancake looks more like a pillow. Once the edges of the pancake turn golden, the pancake is ready. Once the Dutch Baby is out of the oven, the Dutch baby pancake will quickly collapse back into the skillet, and the steam holding it up will quickly evaporate into the cooler air of your kitchen. But what is left behind is a pancake that is soft, and has the tender texture of a hot crepe and the flavor of a sweet popover. You can slice the pancake into wedges and smear each pancake slice with some jam and maple syrup as you serve it up.

Dutch Baby pancake recipes take a blended pancake batter and a hot oven for a winning combination. One trick that you can try when making this pancake recipe is to use a blender or a food processor when you make Dutch Baby pancakes, so you have a nice smooth batter with no lumps. Then, you want to rest the pancake batter to give the flour a chance to absorb the liquid, which also gives the pancake batter a nice texture and less of a flour flavor. And finally, it is important to use a hot skillet as to help the pancake puff up to perfection. You'll get some crunchy, caramelized edges to the pancake this way. Be sure to use a 9 or a 10-inch skillet for making this pancake recipe. The smaller size of the skillet helps to increase the puff of the pancake and helps the pancake to keep its shape. The skillet doesn't have to be cast iron; you can simply use any oven-safe pan or a baking dish of a similar size.

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