Dutch Baby-Puffy Pancake

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Try this Dutch Baby-Puffy Pancake on a lazy Sunday morning when every one has slept in and you have time to put this together as a very special breakfast. This large pancake, in the German tradition, comes in many forms. Sometimes it includes fruit, such as apples, and you pour maple syrup over it. Other times, it can be filled with meats, like sausage, as well as onions. Cheese is, of course, another great choice for this oversized pancake. Here, in this recipe, lemon is the flavor of choice, a lovely, fresh, tangy way to start the day.

This recipe is loaded with protein due to the eggs. The really wonderful flavor comes out in how the eggs are blended in to the dish, added to a heated pan, then popped in to a hot oven and baked. As a result of that method, the cake rises very high and gives an airy, light and fabulous flavor to the pancake, quite different from the typical pancake. Every one will enjoy this wonderful cake. Be sure to try making it with all kinds of additions and other ingredients. You are limited only by your imagination.

This pancake is simple to make, but take some time to read the entire recipe over so that you know the steps in this slightly different cooking method. Every culture has some kind of pan cake that it makes, and Northern Europe is no exception. The unique feature of that culture’s cake lies more in the baking and cooking method than in the ingredients. Those are simple and pure ingredients that you already have in your fridge and cupboard. Try this dish soon. It will be come a regular Sunday treat.

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