Dutch Oven Texas Peach Cobbler

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This wonderful dish is cooked inside a Dutch oven to produce a Dutch Oven Texas Peach Cobbler, but you can also cook it in your regular oven. The recipe creator and blogger, Kristi, gives great instructions and offers plenty of photos to help you along. This recipe has two parts, but they won’t take up too much time to make. The peach filling is made simple by using canned peaches rather than having to spend time peeling fresh ones. Still, if they are in season, use fresh peaches. Nothing beats their fabulous flavor.

Peaches are a sensual fruit, their soft skin and beautiful flesh is simply wonderful to touch and eat. As well, when fully ripe, their flavor is rich and sweet and the fruit is invariably full of juice. It is just a fabulous thing to eat. Of course, like all fruit, it is plenty nutritious and action packed with vitamins and minerals that can make you feel good about feeding them to your kids. They also taste great with yogurt, blend well with other fresh fruits, such as raspberries (red ones) and are fantastic eaten raw or cooked.

Here the peaches are cooked up (yes, they have been pre-cooked for canning, but they get cooked again in this recipe) with both an upper and lower crust. Kristi recommends that you make the crust twice, in two separate recipes, rather than simply doubling it. That is because crusts turn out best when they are handled as little as possible. If you have a large recipe, it almost invariably means you will have to work the crust quite a bit to get it blended, which can toughen it. So her advice on the crust will help yours be perfection.

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