Easiest Ever Way to Clean Bathroom Fan

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Cleaning the bathroom, like cleaning any other room in the house has some spots that are a little harder to get to but it is important to keep all areas of the bathroom in good working order. One of these areas is the bathroom fan.

Likely you may not even think about how dirty it could be behind that bathroom exhaust fan. One day you look up at the ceiling, and there is dust and evidence of just how clogged that fan probably is. It is suggested that twice a year would be a good amount of time to clean a fan. What happens if you don't clean the fan is that the motor can not effectively extract the damp air from the bathroom? This can create the possibility of mold and other problems a damp environment will create.

The usual method: You always want to be sure the power to the fan is shut off. Use your vacuum cleaner with an appropriate attachment on it to clean the grill on the outside of the fan first. A brush attachment is gentle and will remove those accumulated cobwebs. If you only do this and don't go onto the next step, it is better than doing nothing at all and is a good habit to get in to.To get into what is behind the cover, you will need to pop off the plastic cover. Take the plastic grill to a sink full of soapy water and use a wash brush and cloth to get all the gunk off. Set it aside to dry. Now, what about the ceiling fan itself? There will be a plug in there for the fan, so unplug that first. Next, use an appropriate vacuum attachment to vacuum inside the fan. When you are done, remember to plug it back in then clip the plastic cover back on.

There you are, clean and ready to to for another six months.That wasn't that difficult but now...Presenting!!!

THE EASIEST METHOD!!! Purchase a can of 'Canned Air'. Be sure the fan is shut off. BLAST the dust out with the canned air. Check out the 'Family Handyman' website below for more details.

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