Easiest One Bowl Chocolate Cake

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Here is the Easiest One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe that you or your family will be able to find on the Internet today. And this recipe offers two different types of methods to make this chocolate cake recipe up. You can either make this chocolate cake recipes as a gluten free dessert or you can make this chocolate cake recipe as a regular cake. You choose which method you prefer or are in the mood to try out tonight. Both are pretty quick and simple, although true to gluten free baking, the gluten free chocolate cake recipe has a lot of different ingredients that are used to emulate the action, taste and texture of flour in the chocolate cake recipe.

This gluten free recipe uses a combination flours and starches including brown rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch to substitute for the missing flour. This does work, but starches do not hold their lightness for long. That reflects in one of the challenges that gluten free baking often faces. The flour blend becomes heavy and collapses in your mouth when you eat it, becoming somewhat globby and heavy to chew. To compensate, sometimes the frosting becomes the focal point for flavor and texture, as happens in this recipe. Two different types of chocolate are blended with cream to produce an incredibly rich finish for this simple cake.

It is challenging to create recipes that are free of flour for the seeming growing number of people who are sensitive to flour products or who have chosen to go flour free for other reasons. It might be better to look to French recipes that use bases made with ground quinoa, almonds and other nuts then add fillings made with fresh fruit. Toppings are not there or consist of fresh whipped cream. These are fabulous desserts.

This cake recipe offers you an opportunity to stretch your wings and attempt a chocolate cake that does not use the usual white flour (although you can still substitute it in for the other blend of non-flours that are used in the gluten free version of the chocolate cake recipe). Why not try it? You may find that you like the change in pace, and want to make this version from time to time. When baking alternative foods such as this one, you might want to practice mise en place, which involves taking out and lining up all of the ingredients that you need for the recipe in the order that you are going to use them. This practice is particularly useful when there are a lot of new and sometimes confusing ingredients that need to be added, as this recipe. Enjoy the challenge of this cake.

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