Easiest Pasta with Meat Sauce

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This is a fabulous recipe for a meat sauce that you can serve with almost any pasta. Here, the recipe is for Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce, but do not let that stop you from making it with plain spaghetti or what ever other pasta you happen to have in the house. This recipe is just terrific. You might wonder, how do I know when a recipe is a good one? There are a few clues that really do tell the tale for a really good recipe.

First, good recipes use good ingredients. Here, fresh ingredients are key. For example, fresh basil is recommended. Fresh basil is wonderful, and really, even though you can substitute dry for fresh, the flavor difference is immense. And today, you can almost always buy fresh herbs at the local grocery store. Do it. It is well worth it. Second, spice blends always show what they are. Here, in this recipe, an Italian blend is recommended, but there is also the list of ingredients that shows you how to make the blend yourself. Third, when you work with tomatoes, in almost any capacity, sugar goes a long way to tempering the sharpness of the tomatoes. That ingredient is included here. Finally, real ingredients are used including garlic and onion rather than a dried flake. These two ingredients, not only are nutritious, but also pack a real flavor punch that bumps this recipe way up on the yummy-o-meter. These are some of the clues that what you are making or about to make might yield a really good result.

And that is what you get here. Do not over cook the pasta. Watch for the pasta to reach the el dente stage, and then drain it and drizzle it with olive oil, a light salting and pepper. Toss in the sauce and serve. Wow.

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