Easily pick 60 lbs of tomatoes from just one GrowBoxTM

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables to grow even for those that have limited space. Having one planter on your balcony or deck brings joy. It is fun to grow 'something'!

I have gone from having a very large piece of land with a huge garden on it to living in a condo and doing all my gardening on my balcony. I live in part of the country that gets hot summer days, and so tomatoes grow well here. The main issue is always watering. Keeping good even watering on the plants is always a challenge. I worked in a garden center as well and saw many products come and go. Innovative companies are always coming up with space saver concepts for the home gardener. Although I have not yet tried The Garden PatchTM GrowBoxTM yet, it sure looks like a great idea, and I will research and share a DIY on this subject as well in another article. This article isn't mean to be a 'sell' but rather more an introduction to the concept although for 29.95 that the company is asking plus shipping, it is comparable in price to some new deep planters I just purchased from my local garden center that does not have this great watering system included in them.

This system is said to release fertilizer, stop weeds, which is really not an issue in a small planter anyways, offer proper spacing and temperature control. The system has air entering from the soil from both bottom and top. Water moves upwards to the root system. It is a 4-gallon capacity that should last a few days. You cannot overwater, so no worry about soggy routes and rotting. The concept is certainly a good one.

Anyways fellow gardeners, check the product out at 'A Garden Patch' website below.

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