Easy 2 Ingredient Gelato Fudge

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Sometimes the simplest of recipes yield the best results. For those days when the craving for chocolate kicks, this 2-ingredient Quick and Easy Fudge recipe will keep you company. This recipe for fudge candy is hard to believe because not only it’s super easy to make but also calls for just two ingredients! It tastes unbelievably decadent just like a traditional fudge even though it is so straightforward and uncomplicated to prepare. The only prep work you’ll ever need to do for this recipe is to line a baking pan with some non-stick aluminium foil or parchment paper just so that the fudge comes off easily when it’s done. You can store this fudge for up to two weeks. If you do not want to melt the chocolate chips in microwave, you can use the double boiling method to melt them.

To make this fudge recipe a bit wholesome, you can add nuts of seeds of your choice like flax, pumpkin or even sunflower seeds to it. You could also add blanched almonds, chopped cashew nuts, pecans, macadamia or anything that could add a crunch. Because there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of a crunch with a gooey chocolatey fudge right? If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous to try new flavors, you can also melt peanut butter chips or Skor toffee bits or even add marshmallow fluff. Fudge is one of the most fun desserts when it comes to making homemade candy. It gives you an opportunity to add anything you want to make it taste as per your palate. With a recipe like this, you have several creative variations for making it taste even better. Remember even though making fudge sounds like a cakewalk, it still requires a bit of eyeballing to achieve the perfect consistency and texture. Fool-proof fudge-making has two vital factors to it namely heating and cooling the mixture to precise temperatures. The secret lies in using the thermometer that measures accurate temperature and having the patience to let the fudge cool before mixing. Make sure to invest in a good-quality candy thermometer, so you never go wrong when aiming to make that perfect dreamy fudge.

As a healthier option for this recipe, you can add dark or bittersweet chocolate chips or any chocolate with more than 70% cacao in them in the place of semi-sweet ones. From a health point of view, dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants. Additionally, it also improves cardiovascular health and contains fiber and iron. It is recommended but not a must to use vanilla flavor in fudge recipes. This is because vanilla will elevate the taste in any fudge recipe. Bakers around the world strongly agree with the science aspect of vanilla that when it is added to desserts, it acts as more than just a flavor. It binds the ingredients together to make it taste richer and fuller. For best results, always stick to the real vanilla beans as opposed to the artificial vanilla extract. Certainly, it can be more expensive than the artificial extract, but it yields a more superior and premium taste especially in fudges and other desserts.

A frugal and easy recipe for fudge candy is always a winner over painstakingly complicated fudge recipe that has many ingredients that might even cost a bomb. Thank you to Sara at Bitz & Giggles recipe blog for sharing this Easy 2 Ingredient Gelato Fudge recipe with us. For more wonderful information and recipes on fun desserts and food tips, you can visit Sara’s blog. Enjoy a morsel of this delicious fudge recipe with family today!

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