Easy Apple Hand Pies

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Try this Easy Apple Hand Pies recipe and enjoy the sweet flavor of cooked apples after dinner tonight. This apple hand pies recipe is a sweet combination of apples, cinnamon and sugar wrapped in a pie crust and baked. A light glaze is added and lightly drizzled on top once the apple pie recipe is baked. This is a delicious blend of a classic flavor, apples in a pie crust that everyone always enjoys. You can serve these on a plate with a fork, or let people just eat them with their fingers. The kids can even stick one or two of these sweet treats in their pocket to pull out when they hungry during the day.

This is a quick and easy recipe that uses pre-prepared apples as well as commercial dough to make the task very simple to prepare this dessert dish. So you can get the kids to help. The recipe calls for the apples to be peeled; however, you can leave the peel on the apples. This will also allow the amount of fiber that is in this apple recipe to be increased, which is a good thing. Most of us do not eat enough fiber for our daily food plan. Keeping the skin on the apple helps to improve the fiber content. And that is a good thing for everyone.

This recipe has some great flavorings, the classic cinnamon and sugar that work so well with apples. And the apples help slow down the uptake of sugar in the blood stream so you will not have the same sugar spike or sugar rush that can happen when you eat something that is sugar loaded. This apple recipe is clearly a treat, though, loaded as it is with yummy sugar and fat rich pie crust. This apple recipe can be served warm or cold, on a plate with some fresh whipped cream or ice cream (and nicely warm) or served cold so that the kids can grab one or two when they are on the run out the door on their way to school, ball games or other activities. This is a great dessert that can serve a lot of different purposes. It will not take long to put together, and the kids can help you to make them up. They will have a lot of fun adding the filling and helping to shape the dough around the apple filling. You can make your own filling or use the one that the recipe on the site, Shugary Sweets, recommends. Either way, this snack will be delicious and everyone will enjoy it. Keep this page bookmarked and enjoy it soon with the kids and all the family.

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