Easy Apple Strudel

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Easy Apple Strudel brings the wonderful tang of apples together with the buttery flavor of pastry to create a rich and flavorful dessert that you and your family will return to often. This recipe uses a commercial crust (pastry), which makes pulling this pretty dessert together easy and quick. The website also puts the strudel together in the traditional shape, so it looks authentic and appealing.

Strudel is sometimes confused with streusel, although the two things are quite different. That could be because the words are both German in origin, after all, and quite similar in spelling and pronunciation. But all similarities pretty much end there. Strudel is a pastry that contains a filling, like this one. Streusel is a crumbly mixture made from various ingredients including flour, oats, butter and other ingredients. It is often sprinkled on top of cakes and pies and sweet breads instead of icing. Other times, the streusel is also drizzled with a light glaze for extra sweetness and taste.

Here the strudel is illustrated with great step by step photos on the website. They are clear and easy to follow and will make you feel like a real professional if you follow them to make your Easy Apple Strudel. The apple filling is also a commercial mix and so saves even more time and effort on your part to pull together. A quick glaze that includes apple juice underscores the apple flavor throughout and puts plenty of tangy flavor in, too. Your family will be plenty impressed by you if you make this pretty and appealing dish for your family. You needn’t tell them that the ingredients are from a package, and the great flavor will never betray your efforts. Enjoy this dessert soon with your family.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Crazy For Crust, by following the link below.

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