Easy Banana Bread

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Try this Easy Banana Bread recipe when you want to make something but perhaps do not have either the time or energy to spend a lot on the making and baking of it. This Easy Banana Bread recipe could be the answer that you need in order to still have something that tastes delicious and is a little bit nutritious for whoever is coming to your dinner table tonight. Sometimes what makes an easy recipe easy is that the number of ingredients is small and the amount that you have to weigh, measure and mix is also smaller. That is the case for this easy banana bread recipe.

There are not a lot of ingredients, only seven of them. Then, they are mixed by mixing the dry ingredients together and the wet ingredients together, and then blending them both. Do not forget that the bananas are considered a wet ingredient. Be sure to mash them thoroughly (although some very great banana recipes keep them chunked and allow chunks of banana to appear throughout the bread or cake recipe). Once the dry and the wet ingredients are blended, just bake. The recipe recommends that you start to check the banana bread recipe about forty five minutes in to the baking. This method is always a good idea. Ovens can vary a lot from one to another, and so baking times are always approximate. Be sure that you do not burn (or even undercook) the banana bread recipe and use a toothpick or slim knife or fork to see where the bread is at in terms of being entirely baked. When the knife, fork or toothpick comes out clean, your cake or bread is done.

This recipe does not include a topping, icing or glaze, which is fine. It can be a simple banana bread recipe and so does not include this extra step. But banana bread is always delicious with either a lemon or lime glaze. If you want to do more, consider making a caramel glaze or even a chocolate ganache. Any one of these several options would taste great with this banana bread recipe. Of course, you could still serve this just slightly warm (not hot) with loads of butter and honey. That way of serving is always fabulous, no matter how simple or easy or fancy the recipe might be.

This easy banana bread recipe is so simple that it is a great choice for the beginning cook or baker. They can probably make this up entirely on their won, unless they need some help with the oven portion of the recipe. It will be fun to make and teach them lots about the basics of making cake.

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