Easy Broccoli Casserole

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Here is an Easy Broccoli Casserole recipe that you can quickly pull together and give to your family for a nutritious and delicious accompaniment to any meal that you are making up for dinner tonight (or any night; just keep the recipe book marked for easy and ready access). And if serving a broccoli casserole recipe is not enough for you, how about you include chicken, rice and kale as well? Because that is what is also included in this casserole recipe. And all together, these various ingredients mean a meal that is filling and very nutritious. This particular recipe draws on low fat sources for the milk and the cheese that form part of this broccoli casserole recipe. Depending on the needs in your own family, you might want to follow that recommendation. If not, simply use full fat ingredients for both the milk and the cheese. And remember, it is the fat that gives any recipe a lot of flavor.

This casserole recipe is a great combination of good protein, fat (if you use full fat for the dairy products), complex carbohydrates and loads of great veggies that contain vitamins and minerals that are important to the good health of you and every one else in the family. You can feel terrific about feeding this to the kids. It will give them (and you) plenty of fuel to get through the day. And the extra special veggie that is added in, kale, has its sometimes very strong flavor mellowed by both the broccoli and the cheese. The rice that is called for in the recipe is brown rice, another great ingredient that is the perfect complement to the other veggies and the chicken. Brown rice also contains more fiber, a component in our daily food plan that, for most of us, is really lacking and needs to be boosted up. Brown rice is also a relatively strong flavored rice that will hold its own against the other dominant tastes of broccoli and kale. Together these veggies will taste fabulous.

A casserole recipe is always yummy, in part perhaps, because it is put together with such ease and using some kind of delicious binding ingredient like cheese or mushroom soup or another ingredient that we all love to gobble up. This recipe uses cheese and milk to form a sort of sauce that brings all the flavors together in one delicious meal. And everyone will line up for this dish. Why not make it tonight? It is about as perfect a dinner as you could hope to set on your dinner table tonight. And every one will enjoy it and come asking for seconds (and thirds, and so on).

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