Easy Brown Sugar AKA Penuche Fudge

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Not all fudge is chocolate, and if you're looking for a different recipe for fudge candy, this one is great to try. This recipe is for Penuche which is usually known as brown sugar fudge because it calls for brown sugar and granulated sugar or powdered sugar which is the case in this recipe. It's not actually technically fudge, but it is candy so we can just call it a recipe for fudge candy because it also has the texture and consistency of fudge. According to Trish from Mom On Time Out traditional penuche is kind of hard to make, but this recipe from Mom On Time Out doesn't involve hand beating a candy thermometer which makes it easier. Plus, all you need to make this recipe is 6 ingredients total. So you'll need some butter, brown sugar, real cream, vanilla, powdered sugar and pecans. You can also use half and half cream or milk instead of heavy cream, or walnuts instead of pecans if you prefer. This recipe for fudge candy is very very sweet too, which is why it's probably best to keep the nuts in it to balance out the sweetness. Trish also suggests cutting it into smaller pieces too because it's so sweet and you only need a little bit.

Penuche is made by caramelizing brown sugar which gives it a caramel flavour whereas fudge is made by the crystallization of the sugars in the recipe. Penuche is popular in New England and the Southern United States, and it's even called creamy praline fudge. Panocha comes from the Spanish word for raw sugar and has its roots in Portugal but became popular in New England during the whaling period in the 1700's and on until the end of commercial whaling. It is also popular in Hawaii since it was brought by people on whaling ships. You can still find it in shops on various Hawaiian islands and is called panocha or panuche. It can also be used as an icing for prune cake. The recipe calls for a lot of butter, one cup of butter in total. So it's best to use a high-quality butter for this recipe as well as any dessert recipes you're making. The butter used in your dessert recipes can either make or break the flavour and texture of the dessert. Also, always remember to use butter when a recipe calls for butter and never use margarine instead. Margarine has a different consistency than butter, and your recipes won't turn out the same when you use it.

In some dessert recipes you can use coconut oil as a vegan and healthy option in place of butter, but again, it may change the outcome of your dessert recipes. There are dairy free butter options out there too, but they may work differently than real butter in recipes. Whenever you're using dairy products or any animal products, you should always use organic products from organic pasture-raised animals. Pasture-raised animals tend to not only be treated better than factory-raised animals, but they are also given better diets with low or no soy added. Soy can cause weight gain in animals and then in humans when they consume the animal products. It can also lead to higher levels of estrogen which can cause hormonal imbalances in humans as well. Dairy from pasture-raised, happy cows also tastes better and seems to be higher quality too. So while you may spend a bit more on it, it's totally worth it. So try out this great recipe and other great dessert recipes from the Mom On Time Out website.***

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