Easy Cheese Mac

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This easy cheese mac recipe will become a family staple recipe for throughout the week because it is incredibly easy and tastes delicious. Tijuana, an author at ‘Po’ Man Meals’ recipe blog, produced this affordable macaroni and cheese recipe making it entirely reasonable if you require low budget family meals. This pasta recipe contains dried packaged elbow macaroni noodles, which are usually only a few dollars, as well as Velveeta cheese and shredded cheddar cheese. Along with some butter, canned milk, salt, and pepper, there aren’t too many extra expenses to preparing this cheesy macaroni recipe at home and Tijuana estimates that this dish costs just over one dollar per serving.

You may think that macaroni and cheese is a challenging dish to make, but this easy macaroni and cheese recipe is nearly as easy as cooking store-bought prepared macaroni and cheese. Unlike other creamy macaroni recipes, this recipe doesn’t require the extra pot or effort of preparing a white sauce recipe. Instead, you just have to cook the macaroni, then toss all the cheese and carnation milk with the noodles until smooth and bake it until perfection. If you enjoy a crusty top to your macaroni and cheese recipes, you could top it with a little extra shredded cheese at the end and turn on the broiler for a nice gratin finish. If you like, you could also mix some panko bread crumbs with garlic, herbs, and parmesan to spread across the top of the pasta and bake the dish covered until near the end. The bread crumbs would give the pasta dish a pleasantly textured crunch while the herbs would add flavour and a pop of colour.

Quick recipes are excellent throughout the week, and this easy mac n’ cheese recipe takes only an hour to prepare. The entire dish requires a small amount of preparation time; then it goes in the oven leaving you free for whatever else you have to do with your evening. As with any family meal throughout the week, quick pasta recipes are an ideal choice because pasta cooks quickly, but unfortunately they aren’t always the makings of a balanced meal. To turn this cheese pasta recipe into a complete and nutritious meal, serve it alongside a tossed salad so that you get some of your requirements of vegetables for the day. You could even toss the cooked macaroni with whatever vegetables you like, like broccoli or cauliflower florets, frozen peas, or chopped bell peppers or tomatoes for a nutrient boost. Family friendly meals like this are ideal places to use up vegetable odds and ends in your refrigerator to help reduce waste, or you could chuck in some leftover cooked veggies from the night before.

No matter how busy your week is, this easy macaroni and cheese recipe will help you put a satisfying meal on the dinner table for you and your family. As a basic mac and cheese recipe, it can be tweaked to whatever tastes your family enjoys, even the cheese. Thank you to Tijuana, an author at ‘Po’ Man Meals’ recipe blog, for sharing with us her family’s budget-friendly easy cheese mac recipe.**

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