Easy Cheesy Bacon Dip

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This Easy Cheesy Bacon Dip is one of the best dip recipes you will try. This best dip recipes is great for game day parties and holiday feasts or just when you need something yummy for crackers and toasted bread. This Cheesy Bacon Dip Recipe is everything you could want in a dip with cheese, bacon and a hint of horseradish for a little kick. This best dip recipes will be popular with all the people you bring to your dinner table tonight including family, friends and any unexpected guests you might have over. This cheesy bacon dip recipe is just about as decadent as an appetizer recipe can get, and everyone will be raving about it afterward. This best dip recipes has lots of good ingredients from cream cheese, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, Italian shredded cheese blend, cooked bacon, and prepared horseradish. This is a nice dip recipe that you will want to enjoy. It is decadent, so you may want to watch just how many times you dip in and enjoy this cheesy, meaty best dip recipes idea.

This best dip recipes is so easy that the kids can help with preparing and baking it. When it comes to measuring the dip ingredients, you don't have to worry about being exact with the measurements, as approximate measures are fine. It is important to use all of the recipe ingredients that are called for to achieve the very rich dip recipe results. It should be noted that you don't want to use reduced fat or diet substitutes for the mayonnaise, cream cheese or other ingredients as the recipe won't have the same savory taste. So if you are watching your calories, you'll just want to eat less of this dip, which considering how yummy this best dip recipes is will be extremely difficult. This cheesy bacon dip recipe is intended to be a rich and sultry experience, and the high fat and calorie content helps make that happen. Just looking at this dip recipe is sure to have your mouth watering, the bubbly and lightly browned cheese cooked to perfection and all ready for dipping. So just enjoy this recipe as it is, and take only very few bites of this snack and practice mindfully chewing each and every bite. This is sure to be one of the best dip recipes you'll try, and a recipe you will want to try again.

This best dip recipes is quick and easy to make since it can be thrown together any way you like, blended, heated and ready to be served. This dip recipe will taste great with a broad range of things including crackers, toasted bread, toast, fruit, and veggies. You'll want to choose an assortment of ingredients to dip into this best dip recipes and put them out for everyone to choose their favorite. This dip recipe recommends that you can put more or less horseradish into the recipe depending on your taste preference. The horseradish is perfect to offset the rich flavors of the other ingredients. The horseradish adds a nice amount of contrasting flavor to the recipe.

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Nutrition Facts for:Peanut Butter Cowboy Cookie From Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen
Ingredients: All-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, butter, light brown sugar, granulated sugar, peanut butter, vanilla extract, eggs, quick cooking oats, cocktail peanuts, flaked coconut, chocolate chips.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet* The entire recipe has been calculated for ONE full Cheesy Bacon Dip recipe. * Per Serving:Calories 3165, Calories from Fat 2287, Total Fat 254.1g 391%, Saturated Fat 115.7g 579%, Cholesterol 697mg 232%, Sodium 9420mg 393%, Potassium 2294mg 66%, Carbohydrates 34.7g 12%, Dietary Fiber 0.6g 2%, Sugars 15.0g, Protein 177.6g, Vitamin A 82%, Vitamin C 8%, Calcium 199%, Iron 41%

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