Easy Cheezy Bacon Cream Biscuits

Photo Credit: Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen

What better way to get your family to eat breakfast than with this great recipe for Cheezy Bacon Cream Biscuits? Even the dough looks delicious as you will see when you get the recipe from Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen website. This is about as classic a biscuit recipe as you can get. Made with cream and dotted with bacon and cheese these biscuits will fill your house of scents of a loving home and a family that cares for each other. Make them every day and then also make them for special holidays to remind each other of the memories you all have shared along the way.

These biscuits find their tenderness by not being over handled. So just blend all the ingredients together, but don’t worry if little bits are not perfectly blended in. The biscuits will still taste great. These biscuits can be served just about any time you are hungry, want to give your family a snack, or want something to serve alongside lunch or dinner. Of course, they will also make a great grab and run breakfast. To bump it up a notch, microwave individual scrambled eggs, slice the biscuits lengthwise and pop them in for family to pick up as they head out the door.

This is a terrific recipe, quick, easy, versatile and delicious. It is well worth memorizing it, or printing it out to tape on the inside of a cupboard for quick reference. Skip the self-rising flour; it’s too expensive and the leavening agent can quickly lose its umph; choose to follow the substitute of regular flour and rising agents as described in the Thank you to Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen for this tasty recipe.

Nutrition Facts for: Cheezy Bacon Cream Biscuits from Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen
Ingredients: Self rising flour, sugar, whipping cream, bacon, sharp cheddar cheese.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 320, Calories from Fat 151, Total Fat 16.8g 26%, Saturated Fat 6.9g 35%, Cholesterol 47mg 16%, Sodium 716mg 30%, Potassium 207mg 6%, Carbohydrates 24.6g 8%, Dietary Fiber 0.8g 3%, Sugars 0.2g, Protein 16.2g, Vitamin A 3%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 8%, Iron 11%

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