Easy Cherry Fluff

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The secret to any great dessert lies in the love that is incorporated in the mix. Recipes are made to inspire your creative side and with the help of them and your own drive you can come up with a creation all your fellow diners will love. Comfort dessert is usually one that not only hits the spot but also rubs it out. That means that it should fill you up and leave you with a sense of satisfaction.

Dessert recipes like this one from Tracey should always inspire you to wanting to make the dessert that everyone will love. The outcome is not always like you expected but, as with most things practice makes perfect. The secret to you accomplishing any dessert recipe usually is found in the time and effort you are willing to put out. If you do a half decent job and you are willing to be judged by your diners then at least you are putting forward an effort. Dessert recipes are meant to give you a helping hand but always feel free to adlib and add to or subtract anything in the recipe you do not like or something you don’t feel lines up with your nutritional and health standards. This specific comfort dessert is made for you to enjoy at Christmas time but that doesn’t mean it can be great in the height of summer.

Substitute fruits in the mix that are great for the specific time of year you are making the recipe.Any recipe you come across that is written as a dessert for a specific time of year can actually be made any time you feel like making it. Yes some desserts like eggnog or gazpacho are traditionally made for certain times of year and weather conditions. Who ever said you could not drink eggnog in summer? Many times recipes are only used in certain times only for tradition but that should never dissuade you from making a cold soup like gazpacho in the dead of winter when the snow is falling and the wind is howling. You are the boss and if you want a steamy hot bowl of chili on the most humid day of summer then go for it.

Traditions like recipes are made to be changed and not followed to their extremes. This fluffy and delicious treat from the kitchen of Tracey is great while opening your gifts on

Christmas but can also be a great addition to your beef rib tenderloin as well. That is where the beauty of choice and recipes comes full circle. Tracey calls for us to go with cherries and pineapples but if you are not a fan of them then try apples and caramel or oranges and peaches. Take the flavors and fruits that you love and try something new. Never feel married to the recipe but feel as if it is your friend. Thanks to Tracey of The Kitchen is My Playground Blog for this yummy Easy Cherry Fluff Recipe that is a great dessert anytime of year and bon apetit.**

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