Easy Chicken and Dumplings

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Easy Chicken and Dumplings make a terrific soup (or stew, depending on how you view it) that will work for a big lunch or lighter dinner. Either way, it is a great meal that will fill your family’s tummies with all the right things to give them get up and go to, well, get up and go! This dish is also entirely made from scratch, which always means fresher food, more nutritious blends, and an awareness of every single thing that goes in to making your dish. Try this soon, or when the weather begins to turn, and the days are cooler.

This dish combines what is basically a soup or stew. Here, the chicken is cooked by you, rather than purchased pre-cooked. I always prefer preparing my own chicken, rather than buying something ready made. That is because I am never certain what may have been added to the chicken to prepare it for cooking. I also use a whole chicken, when I have the time, because then you can also prepare stock to freeze for other dishes and make a soup of barley and so on. So there are lots of good reasons to start with a whole chicken. But chicken breasts ensure a clean, fat free meat, filled with terrific taste and nutrition.

This recipe includes how to make dumplings from scratch. These biscuits (which is what they are) are easy to make, and they are really neat to prepare this way. And this recipe includes several really great herbs right in to the biscuit. So when the biscuit sits on the soup for serving, it will not only taste good, but also it will smell fabulous and look great. Try this easy recipe soon. It is the perfect lunch or dinner when the cold winter winds begin to blow.

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