Easy Chicken and Mushroom Pies

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Lokness of The Missing Lokness blog has a secret to making this easy mushroom chicken pie recipe, creating the simplest meat pastries you’ll ever make. Think puff pastry, rolled, cut into rounds and assembled into adorable hand pies right before your eyes! That’s right, no messy flour-dusted counters and no chilled pastry dough recipe needed. You can buy puff pastry as a pre-rolled sheet or as a block that requires rolling out. For optimum ease, be sure to purchase the pre-rolled so that you simply have to cut and assemble. If you’d rather, consider cutting the dough into squares for a turnover shape. With this easy chicken meat pie recipe, the most challenging part is making the filling, which is chock full of chicken, mushrooms, and veggies. Make the filling the day before you choose to assemble so that you can have a quick dinner for your family at the end of the day.

Inspired by a pot pie recipe on the vegan menu for The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Lokness decided to create her version using chicken, but informs her vegetarian readers to replace it with more mushrooms. The difference between Lokness’ mushroom chicken pie recipe and typical meat pie recipes is that her recipe is a hand pie with all the traditional flavours of a pot pie. A hand pie is a shaped pie that is traditional for sweet preparations like apple turnovers but is an intriguing concept for savoury preparations as well. It means that you can eat these as a snack, just as easily as part of the main meal with a side salad. Full of diced chicken, carrots, mushrooms, and peas, and doused in a thickened chicken broth sauce, these pies are hearty and perfect for a chilly day. They would also be perfect any season as a bring along to a potluck. This easy mushroom chicken pie recipe is the kind of stick-to-your-ribs meal that you’ll require on a gloomy day or after hitting the ski slopes and combination of the baked chicken pieces with all those other foods inside offer a comfort food that you can hold in your hand.

This chicken pie recipe makes nine pies, which are quite a few if you’re making them for only two people and more than enough if feeding a family of four. By re-warming them in the oven the next day, you can help achieve a similar crisp and flaky crust to when you baked them initially. One thing that enhances the taste and pastry of this mushroom chicken pie recipe is the honey glaze. It helps the top become golden and shiny while lending a light sweetness that pairs perfectly with the buttery crust and creamy filling. If you have any leftovers and choose to re-warm in the oven, try brushing with a little more honey to get an even more caramelized finish. Once assembled, feel free to store in the freezer until ready to use; simply bake from frozen until piping hot and golden. So for all you mini chicken pot pie lovers out there, this recipe is like a mini chicken pot pie, but instead of little individual pots you get to make a shaped pie. Also for those that are going to use mushrooms this recipe does not use mushroom soup or cream of mushroom soup, this is a meat pie recipe with fresh mushrooms inside. These hand pies are great to take along to functions or to prepare when you are entertaining. *

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