Easy Chicken Casserole

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A great and easy chicken casserole dish always hits the spot. This dish is particularly quick and easy to make, and focuses right in on the chicken. The recipe calls for chicken breast, an easy to find boneless bit of chicken. However, you could use whole chicken if you wanted to, and de-bone it yourself. This process might seem intimidating, but there are plenty of YouTube videos and other instructional programs that show you just how easy it is to do. Of course, this is not work for new cooks or the faint of heart, but de-boning a bird is a fascinating and educational thing to do. If you do not want to do it for this recipe, consider it another time when you plan to make chicken.

This recipe is very easy, simply combing instant rice, chicken breasts and several different kinds of canned soup. You do not even need to prepare veggies. But complement this dish with a pot pourri of veggies, such as onions, peppers and mushrooms that are simply quick fried in olive oil and garlic, then squirted with lots of lemon juice and black pepper. The sharp and tart flavor of the lemon and the bite of pepper will act as a nice complement and contrast to the rich and sultry flavor of the chicken dish. And for the chicken, also consider a brown rice rather than the minute rice called for in the recipe. Brown rice (or any other whole grain rice) really increases the nutritional value and would work beautifully against the peppers and mushrooms.

This casserole is easy peasy, like most casseroles. In part that is the nature of any casserole, an easy dish that you sort of throw together when time is short and perhaps your energy levels are low. They can become fun and creative when you have the time and mind for it, but if not, follow the easy instructions for this dish and enjoy a delicious dinner tonight. Try it soon, won’t you?

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