Easy Chicken Enchilada Tortellini Bake

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This recipe for Easy Chicken Enchilada Tortellini Bake is really easy. You make this kind of meal when you are out of time and out of energy and some thing has just got to go on the table. Then you pull out all the commercial bottles and packages that you have, and hopefully, end up with some frozen cooked chicken, tortellini, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. Put it together and bake. Done. How great is that?!

This recipe puts together easy to buy and make ingredients that can bail you out when you are just feeling overwhelmed and too exhausted to get creative with a meal for the family. Try adding some frozen veggies to the mixture or make something on the side just to balance out all those carbohydrates and fat rich foods that make up this dish. At least the chicken will provide some great protein to balance all the simple sugars in the tortellini. This dish could be a great Friday night special, when every one comes home tired and just wanting something warm and filling to eat. Make a big batch of this dinner, and then set it on the kitchen counter and let every one help him or her self. You can go lie on the couch and watch your favorite shows!

This dish almost could not get easier. In fact, this might be one to share with the kids. It requires more skill in assembling ingredients than in knowing how to cook. Once all the ingredients are in a pan, pop it in the oven and in short order, a dinner that is cheap, quick and easy. And some days, that is all you want. Buy the ingredients for this dish so that the next time you are tired out, you can pull this together with ease. Enjoy!

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