Easy Chicken Rollups

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This recipe for Easy BBQ Chicken Rollups is a great way to use up left over chicken, or it can be made with already cooked chicken that you buy from the store, made from a rotisserie chicken, or from scratch. Any way you prefer to make it, the chicken will be wonderful in these BBQ Chicken Rollups. And these roll ups are made from all prepackaged ingredients making it a quick and easy and affordable dish to make.

The roll ups are made from store bought dough so that makes it easy. Use already cooked chicken that you can also buy at the local grocery store, and then add the sauce and bake. Easy peasy. That means you can have dinner on the table in record time. So when time is tight, try a recipe such as this one. You can put mixed veggies on the side or serve a selection of chopped fresh veggies. Ingredients might include celery, chopped peppers, cucumbers and so on, or whatever veggies your family really enjoys.

This is such an easy dish your kids can make it, or at least, they can help you pull it together. And on nights when every one is running in and out, this dish can sit on the counter and people can just help themselves to it whenever they get hungry. Make extra, too, since this dish can likely freeze fairly well and be re-heated. So you and the kids can take this for lunch the next day or save it until you want to eat this dish again. Just do not freeze it with the cilantro on top of the roll ups since they will likely get soggy. Cilantro is a delicious and tangy addition to this dish and one that will underscore the tang in the BBQ sauce. Enjoy this dish whenever you are in the mood for chicken, and want to try serving it in a quick and easy, but slightly different, way. Keep the recipe book marked and enjoy it soon.

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