Easy Chocolate Buttercream

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Yes this recipe is truly easy and will answer the question of buttermilk recipes how to make them. If you look at the fact that there are only 2 ingredients then you will truly appreciate how easy this recipe is and how it can be added to your fun desserts. The best chocolate for us is said to be dark chocolate but that doesn’t mean that you should keep yourself tied to it since an extra mile in your daily walk should help burn the extra calories from the sweet chocolate you decided to use instead of the dark one.

If you are wondering about buttermilk recipes and how to make them then look at this recipe and change the regular butter to a creamier version. Fun desserts can be easy ones that you can make with only two ingredients and Shelly offers us one that is not only easy but also delicious. Yes the best chocolate is usually the one that you feel most comfortable using whether it be as a health concern or a sweetness factor. There are many different types of chocolate and many countries that produce the inviting sweet. With the many varieties and flavors to choose from then you can always be assured that every recipe out there is covered.

Recipes like this one give you the chance to experiment and go with peanut butter chips or Skor chocolate pieces. Pick the one that you and your fellow diners love best and have at it.Chocolate is made from the cacao seed or bean and has been growing in South America for as long as we have recorded history from that area. It was predominantly made into a drink and was enjoyed by Aztec society since it was first discovered by them.

During the days of exploration into the new world around the 16th century many different Spanish and Portuguese explorers had come across this wonderful bean. It was never thought of highly enough for them to decide to bring it back to Europe and introduce it to the masses. The Aztec peoples had been enjoying it as a sort of hot chocolate and actually thought so highly of it that it had become a tool for trade amongst the different societies that inhabited the region.It took the great thinking of Christopher Columbus who brought the cacao bean back to Europe with him in 1502. It is written that in 1519 a Spanish conquistador named Hernan Cortes was believed to be the first person to ever witness the chocolate drink being consumed when it was served in the court of Montezuma in 1519. It went from one King into the recipes and tummies of many royal and regular families from there.It is now hard to find anyplace in the world that doesn’t use in some way the magical bean that has brought chocolate to the masses. Thanks to Shelly of Cookies & Cups Blog for this yummy Easy Chocolate Buttercream Recipe and bon apetit.**

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