Easy Chocolate Chip Cheescake

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This is a recipe for Easy Chocolate chip Cheescake that comes together fast and furious, but gives you a great sweet treat for you and your family that you can enjoy tonight. This website uses a great five-point rating system for their recipes. Each of the ratings is plenty of fun to read, but it is also useful to know before you attempt one of their creations. This easy chocolate chip cheesecake rates a ‘5.’ That means, according to the site, that you could “survive on this alone.” Not quite sure they mean it, but it does tell you that this dessert is fabulous and worth a second look.

This is an easy recipe that ends with a lovely dessert, good enough for guests. Yet, it takes only six ingredients that you may already have on hand. The base for the cake is crushed Oreos, so you can enlist the help of little ones, willing to trade their labor for a few cookies. It is usually a workable deal. Then the other ingredients are blended, poured in the pan and baked. Cool it, and then eat it. Simple.

You do need a spring form pan. Often you can buy a collection of three pans of varying sizes that can come in very handy. Cheesecake is not impossible to make in a regular pan, but the spring form does plenty of great things for you. First, for dishes that can stick, like cheesecake, you just release the sides of the pan with a flip of your thumb. Then, it allows you to nicely layer foods and then display them so people can see the layers from the outside. Finally, it bakes everything in to a perfect round shape. So there are lots of reasons to make this purchase. So get your pans and make this dessert tonight!

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