Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

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We all know just how yummy cake can be, as well as how awesome cookies can be. But what if these two fabulous desserts were combined to create one, epic dessert that you could enjoy any time? That is exactly what this Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake recipe is all about. This is the perfect kind of cake recipe for someone who loves chocolate chip cookies to try a new cake recipe. This recipe takes the beloved chocolate chip cookies recipe that we all know and love, and mixes it with a white cake mix recipe or a yellow cake mix recipe. If you know how to bake a cake and you know how to bake chocolate chip cookies, then this recipe will be a breeze for you. Some of the best baking recipes are the easiest of baking recipes. Those ones that you can literally throw everything in a pan and have it ready in under an hour. Amy is so great at sharing the best baking recipes on her site, the ones that are super yummy, but that don't require you to be a professional chef. Amy herself has no professional chef training at all. She just enjoys making things that are easy and that taste good. As she says on her website, Life is too short not to stop and enjoy some sugar every now and then.

Out of all of the cake recipes, this easy chocolate chip cookie cake recipe is right up there with the best cake recipes. This is a cake mix cookies recipe that you can really sink your teeth into. There are so many recipes for chocolate chip cookies out there, but sometimes you just want to try something a little different. It is also sometimes boring to simply bake a cake with frosting on it, and you want something with a little more interest to it. This is why mixing the two popular dessert recipes together is a recipe for success. Not only will you love it, but everyone you share it with will go crazy for it.

Making this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake will take you less time than it takes for the oven to heat up, so grab your baking mixer and get ready to create a masterpiece of epic yummy flavour. You basically mix together the boxed cake mix of your choice, whether its yellow cake mix or white cake mix, either will do just fine, and mix it really good with your electric stand mixer or your handheld mixers. The recipe just adds in some butter and chocolate chips to the cake mix and voila, it creates the perfect chocolate chip cookie consistency. This cake will surely please your taste buds and will be like having fresh baked cookies right from the oven. Chocolate chip cookies are one of people's go-to favourite cookies and they have been being made since 1930, when Ruth Wakefield used a broken up sweetened chocolate bar thinking that the chocolate would melt and make chocolate cookies. To Ruth's surprise, the chocolate didn't melt, but stayed in tact creating nice little chocolate chips throughout the dough. She called them Toll House Crunch Cookies, and their popularity is still very apparent even these days. Ruth came into a partnership with the creators of the chocolate bars she was using from Nestle, Andrew Nestle. Andrew and Ruth made a deal that if they could use her cookie recipe, they would print her Toll House Cookie name on their packaging as well as give her a lifetime supply of their chocolate. Sounds like a pretty great deal to me. Thank you to Amy from Oh Bite it for this great Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake! **

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