Easy Chocolate Mousse Strawberry Trifle

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Check out this epic and Easy Chocolate Mousse Strawberry Trifle recipe. One of the very easy strawberry desserts that will please any crowd you share it with. Baking is so much fun, and can be a wonderful hobby to have. Baking and cooking is totally a form of art, where you use food as your medium and you get to taste the finished product. If you are one of those people who gets inspired by looking at recipes online, Rock Recipes will be a great food blog and website for you to check out. There are so many great and easy recipes on this website you will totally want to add them to a Pinterest recipe board so that you can have easy access to the links. The National Post newspaper has even said that this food blog is “One of the best Food Blogs in Canada.” which is pretty impressive, because of how many food blogs there are out there these days.

This is a classic Trifle recipe that features fresh strawberries, that are layered with healthy dark chocolate mousse and layers of chocolate cake that has been made from scratch. The chocolate and the strawberries make the perfect combination and they look gorgeous layered in the clear bowl so you can see all of the colour and texture. The strawberries in the recipe are marinated in orange or strawberry liqueur which makes them have another dimension of flavour. The chocolate mousse is super decadent being made out of healthy dark chocolate chips which won't have a lot of sugar or preservatives in them. Dark chocolate is actually not as bad for you as you might have been told. Dark chocolate that is made with the raw cacao nibs and cacao butter that comes straight from the cacao plant. In it's raw form before it has been heated, cacao has loads of nutritional value including magnesium which is great for relaxing you, and also chromium which is a great blood sugar balancer. Raw cacao also helps the brain to release Serotonin which is the happy feeling chemical that is released when we are feeling good.

This trifle recipe is closer to a traditional trifle recipe since it has liqueur in it and most of the trifle recipes that were made throughout history were made by soaking stale bread in liqueur or hard alcohol like vodka. You can opt to leave out the alcohol if it is getting served to children and you can also leave it out for anyone who doesn't like to have alcohol or can't have alcohol. Once the recipe is made, it must sit at least two to three hours or overnight if possible before serving. This allows all of the lovely flavours to infuse into the dessert which will taste better with time. This recipe would be perfect for Easter or Valentines day but it would also be great anytime that you wanted to make a tasty treat to eat. Who doesn't love fresh strawberries and chocolate right?

Thank you so much to Barry C. Parsons of the Rock Recipes website and food blog for this delicious and Easy Chocolate Mousse Strawberry Trifle recipe. He also has some other easy strawberry desserts on his website in his archives. Barry features barbecue and grilling recipes, Christmas recipes, baking recipes, party recipes, pork recipes, chicken recipes, healthy eating recipes, preserves recipes and so much more that you can browse through by category or by ingredient. Your mouth will water at all of the incredible food photos of the recipes he features on his site and you will want to try so many of them.**

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