Easy Coconut Shrimp Appies

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Sweet and crunchy coconut shrimp is a favourite appetizer in restaurants, and you will enjoy this homemade easy coconut shrimp recipe for the high amount of coconut and juicy nature of the shrimp. This shrimp recipe comes from Sally, the author of Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe blog, and although this is out of the box for the kinds of dishes she normally posts on her blog, she loves coconut shrimp and makes one of the easiest and best versions out there. This coconut shrimp includes a very high amount of shredded coconut, which is different to other coconut shrimp recipes which usually use equal parts breadcrumbs and coconut. This fact really sets these shrimp apart and turns them into a must-make recipe for any party or dinner through the week. The use of panko breadcrumbs gives the shrimp a more crisp exterior than traditional breadcrumbs, as they have little moisture to them.

If you aren’t used to breading meat or seafood, the process is very easy. Flour, egg, and the coconut and breadcrumb mixture are put into separate bowls before coating the shrimp. The one challenge you may find with breading the shrimp in this coconut shrimp recipe is by having the coatings cake onto your hands, but the secret for prevention is to use one hand for dipping in the wet ingredients and the other with the dry ingredients. That way you will limit the amount the dry and wet ingredients interact and prevent messy caking onto your hands or the shrimp. Once the shrimp are coated, you can fry them immediately. Don’t allow to sit for very long, though, or else this coconut shrimp recipe might become tacky and not fry correctly.

Whenever you require easy party appetizer recipes, remember this shrimp dish with its golden and crispy coating. Your guests will adore these shrimp straight out of the fryer served with dipping sauce. Sally mentions that you can use a store-bought dipping sauce to serve with these tasty snacks rather than making your own. In fact, a store-bought sweet Thai chilli sauce would be the ideal to serve with this dynamite shrimp recipe. Although you may wonder if it is possible to fry the shrimp for guests and still have them be hot when you are ready to serve them, don’t worry as Sally has a great make-ahead option for you. Frying food and having it sit can cause the outside to go soggy, but Sally recommends frying the shrimp in advance, freezing it and then rewarming in the oven to achieve a crisp crust again. A low oven is a great way of returning fried food to its former glory and making the outside crisp once again.

If you aren’t used to frying food, the best thing would be to use a deep pot to give some distance between yourself and the hot oil. This way, if the oil gets too hot, you can also add some additional oil to cool the pot down and prevent any accidents from happening. Sally recommends using a large skillet to fry this shrimp recipe which is also a good choice so that you can use less oil and the oil takes less time to heat. This shrimp recipe is ideal for an appetiser but works well for an easy meal through the week too. Consider serving the shrimp with some greens, a salad or some steamed rice to round out the meal. Thank you to Sally, the author of Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe blog, for sharing her easy coconut shrimp appetiser recipe with us.

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