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Cream puffs are delightfully fluffy with a creamy filling, the perfect bites after a fancy meal. Stacey, the author of the Real House Moms recipe blog, came up with this easy cream puffs recipe after enjoying them at Christmas. Her version of this comfort dessert includes the classic choux pastry dough and a vanilla cream filling. Choux pastry sounds difficult, but it is actually one of the easiest doughs you will ever make and puffs up like a dream in the oven. Once you have prepared this dough recipe once, you will be making it repeatedly, just to enjoy the rich, buttery taste of it. Instead of traditional pastry cream, which is a custard made with eggs and milk on the stove, Stacey uses boxed vanilla pudding for an even easier take on a cream puff recipe.

Choux pastry is a kind of French dough that is used for cruller doughnuts, churros, and cream puffs. This pastry isn’t mixed in a bowl; rather, the process of making it starts on the stove, by combining butter, water and flour together, and lightening the mixture with eggs. The butter and water will be heated, while the flour gets added all at once and stirred into a smooth dough and the bottom of the pot starts to form a white skin. This is important to get some of the starchy taste cooked out of the flour. Next, the eggs get added one-by-one and stirred in vigorously. It is important to stir the eggs in quickly so that they don’t curdle with the heat. Stacey decided to dollop the dough onto baking sheets using a cookie scoop, which makes these easy desserts even easier. Traditionally, this dough would get piped onto baking sheets for more consistent sizes, while a wet finger will eliminate any peaks that are formed by lifting the piping bag. This four-ingredient pastry recipe will seemingly do the impossible by rising into a fluffy round pastry. These pastries will taste eggy, buttery and rich, and be the perfect foil for the vanilla flavoured cream in the middles.

Next time you are looking for fancy but easy desserts, remember this cream puff recipe. It is so much easier than making a cake or cookies even, because there is very little mixing involved, and the dough is prepared in one pot. The filling recipe takes a little longer, only because it requires chilling in the refrigerator. Like pastry cream, which is essentially a pastry cream, the mixture is quite loose and not pipeable when it comes off the stove, but a chill in the refrigerator will thicken it to a nice piping consistency. If you would like to add some summertime flair to these fun desserts, you could replace the cream filling recipe with your favourite ice cream. This would also cut down the time it takes to make a filling, turning this dessert into an even more convenient sweet treat. These would be like a French-inspired ice cream sandwich filled with your choice of vanilla ice cream or other flavoured variety.

This same dough and filling can be used as the base for other dessert recipes, like a éclair recipe. The only differences between eclairs and cream puffs are the shape and the fact the éclair has a chocolate glaze, while cream puffs are unglazed. Eclairs are long pastries, while cream puffs are round. You will require a piping bag to make the éclair recipe as the dough won’t dollop into the right shape easily. Simply melt your favourite chocolate with a little corn syrup for the glaze. Thank you to Stacey, the author of the Real House Moms recipe blog, for sharing her easy cream puffs recipe with us.

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