Easy Creamy Chicken

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This recipe is a simple and delicious one for Easy Creamy Chicken. It is made with a cream sauce and pasta. You can choose whatever kind of pasta you and your family enjoy with this kind of dish, although the recipe recommends pappardelle. If you have not had this kind of pasta before, why not try it out? It is likely to be found right at your local grocery mart. Do you ever wonder why pasta is made in so many shapes even though the ingredients to make the plain pasta (with semolina flour) are almost always identical (except for egg pasta, which is quite different)? The shapes are made to complement the sauces they are intended to be served with. So curly pasta catches thin sauces and long and thin pasta gets lightly coated with sauces and so on. So you can consider which pasta you think will work best with the sauce that you are making tonight.

Easy creamy chicken recipe is a delightful dish and here it is entirely made from scratch. This recipe also includes a white wine as part of the ingredients. Wine always adds tremendous flavor to what ever dish it is being added in to, so do not skip this ingredient. Remember that the alcohol does burn off almost completely, or even completely, so you do not have to worry about alcohol actually being in the dish where you use it. And the flavor it brings is truly incomparable. This dish is a great one to serve with almost any dark green vegetable or even a pot pourri of dark green veggies. The dark green flavor is perfect against the rich creamy flavor of the sauce, and of course, the chicken. Chicken recipes is a great dish to serve for friends and family because it is probably the one meat that every one enjoys, or at least will eat with out complaint. Chicken has a light and fresh flavor, especially if you choose just the white meat. It is a lean meat, with great texture. And, like all meat, it is loaded with protein and is low in sodium and calories. There is an issue with the cholesterol, since it is considered somewhat high when compared to other meats.

Serve this dish with a side of dark greens to make it a really delicious and nutritious meal. The dark green color will also complement the lighter golden brown of the chicken and the paler color of the sauce. Together, this easy chicken recipe will be great. Serve more white wine at the table, and it will pick up on the nuances of flavor that you will find in the sauce. Make lots, because every one will want seconds. Enjoy!

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