Easy Dark Chocolate Brownies made with Zucchini

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Dark Chocolate Zucchini Brownies will give you a deep chocolate punch and a moist and smooth flavor. Yogurt and whole wheat flour offer big bumps in nutrition, too. This recipe shows how you can make something that is really yummy and delicious and yet makes a good food contribution to your diet, too.

Whole wheat flour, yogurt, and zucchini all help to increase the nutrition of this recipe. At the same time, it is still full of chocolate and butter, so there is no flavor loss. Whole wheat flour offers the benefit of B vitamins and fiber, important contributors to our good health. Zucchini offers plenty of vitamin C, B6 and magnesium as well as potassium. Yogurt is a great source of dairy, calcium and magnesium as well as protein. Together, these three ingredients will add a pop of nutrition. As well, these slower to digest ingredients will slow the absorption of sugar in to your system, and so you may avoid the sugar spike that can so often accompany eating sweet treats. This recipe also has nuts in the frosting. Walnuts are one of two nuts recommended, and they are one of the very best nuts you could eat. Nuts, and especially walnuts, offer vitamins E, potassium, magnesium and lots of fiber. And of course there is lots of chocolate in this recipe, too, and the phenols in chocolate, especially 70 percent chocolate or more, are practically legendary. So this recipe is a great one to try out on your family.

This recipe is straightforward and easy to make. You can put it together in quick time and even frost it while it is still warm, letting the frosting soak in a bit to the brownie. Try this variation on brownies, and see what your family thinks.

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