Easy Dinner Recipe: Chicken (or Turkey) Divan

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Here is an Easy Dinner Recipe: Chicken (or Turkey) Divan that you can make for your family tonight. It blends great green vegetables and curry together with either chicken or turkey to make a really great casserole that your family will enjoy. If you have never tried turkey with curry, this might be the perfect recipe. Curry works wonderfully well with turkey, and this recipe creates a creamy sauce that you can serve over rice, too. This gives you a slightly different way to serve turkey, too, if you usually bake it and serve it with potatoes. Noodles are another good option for this recipe. Of course, chicken works equally well. With the chicken, an orange rice made simply by substituting one half of the water for the rice with orange juice is a fantastic complement to the dish.

This dish is robust enough to be served alone, but if you want to serve to more people or just to offer an additional item on the dinner menu, noodles or rice are great options. The wonderful thing about recipes like this one is that they always give you the option to experiment. And because the blend of ingredients is so great already, it is almost impossible to go wrong if you add one more into the mix, or add another layer to the whole thing.

This recipe is a great dish to serve almost any time. It is a great lunch, and can serve up for dinner. It is a perfect dish to serve when people are running here and there to various things that take up our lives and never give us time to sit and eat. Of course, it is also a great Sunday dinner dish for when you want to serve up something a little bit different. Try this recipe out, and see how much your family enjoys the curry flavoring.

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